Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Doggie Day care!

We are in doggie day care this week~ WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It wears us out, so Mom and Dad love it too!!

Yesterday, Opal and Maggie played with their friend George and somehow through out all of this playing, Opal's collar was broken. Now Mom has to go get a new one although she has been hanging around the house now without a collar and Dad says it makes her neck look big. I don't know about that, but Mom said she would try to remember to take a picture tonight when she is home from work so we can compare them on the blog.

Since there is no pick of that, Mom said she would post a pic of what we look like when we come home from day care. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Pics

Mom said baby pics are always good ways to show off a blog post, so here are some of me and Maggie! Sadly, mom said we don't have any baby pics of Marshall because she got him when he was 2....which seems so old to me because i am not even 1 yet!!!!

But, us girls are pretty cute, right? :)


Opal Kerfluffle

About Us

Hi! We are new to blogging but we saw some really neat pages of other puppies so we wanted to get in on the action. We asked our parents and they said we could try it out so here we are!

I am Marshall (in the first pic)- this picture is old though from my first Xmas with Mom.

The picture in the hat is Maggie. She was Dad's puppy before Mom and Dad came together and made us become brother and sister! That's ok though because she is pretty fun to hang out with- she gets a little raggly though!

The last pic is our sister Opal. She is the youngest and she likes to drive me and Maggie crazy! Fortunately, Mom and Dad take us to daycare so she takes her energy out on other puppies besides just us! we couldn't take it otherwise!

Anyway, those are our introductions. Hopefully, Mom will show us more about how to blog so we can show off just how cute we are!