Thursday, July 16, 2009

We are thinking of firing Mom as our official blogger

It has been FOREVER since we have posted. And... she doesn't have any new pictures for us to put up either! We are just dropping in to let everyone know that our home computer where all the pictures are is broken. :( so until it is fixed our mom has been really lazy and not taken any pictures..... so we are thinking of firing her! We just need to learn how to work this camera thing she uses and then we will be good to go again! (and get the computer fixed of course!)

Anyway, we have been remiss in not welcoming a new blogger to the DWB ranks... well, they haven't joined dogs with blogs yet, but they are two cute dogs who blog! So go check them out here! they need more visitors, because they are really cute! And they are in Birmingham, AL too, and we need more Bham dog bloggers like Harry Pugalicious and us (when our computer and mom aren't broken!)

So, we will have a fun new post with pics soon (we promise) but check out Sassy and Eloise! We have even met Sassy in person and play with her at doggie daycare sometimes!

The Puppies