Sunday, November 30, 2008

We weren't doing anything I swear!!!

I don't know why mom and dad always have to have the camera out!!! They aren't supposed to film us snuggling!!!
The Puppies

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

There was a flea in the house tonight.....

But we put Opal on the job, and he didn't last very long..... his stuffing on the carpet is all that's left....

We got another new stuffie.... he is a duck with a star-studded helmet and a red cape. Opal and I were very interested in this new stuffie...
Very interested.....

How could we not be? He makes such a wonderful noise... but sadly, there is no video to go along with this post because Mom and Dad didn't take any....

Marshall got a new haircut this week too, but he didn't feel like posing for any pictures....but Mom snuck one in while she could
We are having an awesome week so far!!! Hope every pup is having fun out there!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! We are giving thanks because we will have both Mom and Dad at home during the week and that NEVER happens!!!!
The Puppies

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bath Time!!!

I had to get a bath the other day, and I ask you, does any other puppy have to endure such agony???
I HATE BATHS!!! It takes at minimum two people to bathe me because one has to hold me in the bathtub while the other one cleans me. . . .
And my sister kept watching me and my silly Mom kept taking my picture!!! Is that really fair?? I don't think it is!!!!
Opal even tried to drink the fresh water before i got to use it to get the soap off!!! What's wrong with her? That's just weird.
Won't someone come rescue me?
p.s. I didn't know this but Mom took some video too, so i am going to post it.... she also said I had to mention that I get hives and I have special soap that has to stay on for 10 minutes once its on, so Dad and Uncle aren't torturing me on purpose in this video. oh, and the sound might be a little loud so you may want to turn down the volume when you watch it!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Award and Bark for a Park

We got this lovely award from our friend Petra, (who, btw, is looking oh so cute at her blog with her new collar) and we love it!!!! We love her blog too!!! Thanks so much Petra!!! Maybe one day Mom will teach us (or will learn herself!) how to put this award as a button/badge on the side of our blog so everyone can see it for a long time!!! (are you getting this hint Mom??) We know this award has been around a while and many puppies have probably already gotten it, but we love all the puppies' blogs that we read daily (or as often as mom and dad let us at the computer) so please consider it for all of you!!!

On another note, Marshall cheated on us girls and went to Bark for a Park on Sunday (an event to raise money for a dog park in Birmingham, which we think is a VERY worthy cause since there aren't any) and hung out with two girls that were not his sisters.... and it looks like he had an awesome time!!!

This is Mabel. . . .
This is Mabel giving Marshall lots of kisses (i think she liked him!!!)

And this is Bernadette (Bernie)!!
We guess it is good for the Marsh Man to get his alone time, but hey, why couldn't we bark for a park too?? We will certainly be using it when it finally gets finished!!!
The Puppies

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update on the new toys. . . .

We love Saturday mornings, but this Saturday morning was special!!! Mom got up this morning and felt like being productive so she got out her needle and thread and got busy repairing our toys!!! (Yes, our new toys already needed repairing and we had one old one that needed help too).
See how excited we are to watch mom sew . . . .
When are you gonna be finished, huh??
This is how the martian man looked before Mom started with him. Fortunately, he has a foot on now, but we don't have any pictures of this to share of its repair, because immediately after she fixed it, we took it and kind of broke it again!!!!
Now we are just waiting for the football game tonight so we can go watch the Bama game!!!
The Puppies
oh, and pee..... ess.... Mack, we found the martian at Superpetz. it surprised us that there was something there that was soo cool, because normally they don't have anything. We asked mom about the store you mentioned, but she had never heard of it, although it sounds really cool and for hip pups, which we consider ourselves to be!! So we are going to have to work on getting one of those in Birmingham!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Daycare is exhausting, but we got new toys this week so we have to show them off!!

Mom and Dad got back and picked us up on Monday from the V-E-T, where we had to get our annual shots, so that was no fun!!! But since then, we have been going to daycare all this week, and we have been SOOOOO tired when we come home, we don't have the energy to pick up the computer and blog about it! But, Mom and Dad did get us some new toys, so we had to show them off, since we like them sooo much! Amazingly enough, they are still in one piece, so that shows you how tired we have been from daycare this week!!!

Here i am enticing Maggie to play with me:
Here i am enjoying one of the new toys:
Here I am trying to find a way to destroy this new toy......
Here Maggie is working on the other new toy.....
And here we are telling Mom to leave us alone so we can play with our new toys!!!!
Have a great weekend everybody!!!!
The Puppies

Thursday, November 6, 2008

OH NO!!!

We got boarded at the V-E-T today! :(
Mom and Dad are going to Baton Rouge to visit family, and they didn't take us....why not? they got dogs in Louisiana too, right???
The SAD Puppies

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last night we went to our Dad's softball game and we had the BEST time!!!!
See how crazy excited Maggie was???
This is what we did to our leashes while we were watching!!! Mom had to figure everything out as best as she could!!! Hee hee.

But she managed to keep the leashes in check so that we could watch the game!! See how cute Marshall looks.... right after this picture was taken, Marshall hid under the table for the rest of the night!!

We really like going to Dad's softball games!!!! Maybe we will get to go to some more!!!
The Puppies

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Late Halloween!!!

Happy Belated Halloween everybody!!!
We didn't dress up for Halloween as you can tell from the pic below, but we have been having fun at our house!!!!
And we have been catching up on our sleep . . .
And looking awfully cute doing so!!!!
We have also been watching some fun Bama games (sorry Desert Pups, but this shot is from the game against the Vols!! :( ). How cute do Maggie and Belle look together in their matching collars!!!!

And of course Opal has been destuffing all the toys nearby!!! She also beheaded a few....

So we have been pretty busy!!! Plus, Maggie has been working on her singing:

And we have all been playing!!!!


The Puppies

P.S. Maggie's birthday was October 26 and Marshall's birthday was November 1, so they have been partying hard the last few days!!!!