Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Tale of Torture.....

Ok, so my tale of torture continues... last week, in the middle of the night, i started breathing really heavy and woke mom and dad up. they listened to my breathing, woke me up, and i was still breathing really heavy and i didn't want to stay awake. so of course, they are worriers and called the emergency V-E-T to see if i needed to go for a midnight ride somewhere. Well, we didn't go, but i continued breathing really heavy for about an hour. So then i got a trip to my

V-E-T the next day, who of course recommended a cardiologist, so then i got to go to another

V-E-T, who gave me this 24 hour heart monitor that i had to have strapped to my chest. So i got to wear my pretty sweater for a day. don't i look cute?

Then the rest of the torture. . .mom and dad had to take this stupid, mean, clingy device off. Part of my torture is documented, but mom and dad didn't have the heart to tape the whole thing, because the end of the video gets VERY difficult to watch. It is below after the pictures of my triumph over that stupid torture device!!!

Those sticky things were VERY hard to get off, but i will spare you the pain of that part of my torture.

The important thing is i got to enact my revenge upon that mean ole machine!!!

It didn't stand a chance!!!!

And here is the video i was referring to earlier. Watch if you are brave!!!



Note from Opal's mom: apparently boxers are prone to cardiac problems, so we decided to do this preliminary test after her breathing episode. If i had known how much it would suck to take it off afterwards, i would have debated doing it. I called the vet, but they had no suggestions except to just struggle through taking off the bandage! Argh. Thank god Opal is a sweet dog, but we just felt terrible the entire time. she is okay now and seems to have forgiven us for the torture. They definitely need to start using better bandages though, because it took out so much of her hair when coming off.

Friday, December 19, 2008

What on earth have Mom and Dad done to me???

Why do i have to be subjected to wearing this thing for 24 hours????

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is around the corner....

Mom and Dad got a wonderful tree and put it in the house this week..... we watched them decorate, and offered to help, but since our "help" involved taking the ornaments and running around with them, Mom and Dad said they could do without our help (so rude aren't they?)
Anyway, this is Marshall's ornament that he made last year......
This is an ornament with maggie playing golf.....

This is a doghouse with our names on the door.... (although we sleep in Mom and Dad's bed!)

This is us on the tree......Aren't we cute??
This is Marshall by a tree....
This is Marshall's head which our Auntie Rene made (isn't it cool??)

These are the stockings.....

Here is Opal's stocking......

This is the tree from far away..... (From Opal: notice there aren't any boxer specific ornaments! Or even a boxer specific stocking!! harumph!)

Then, Mom and Dad made us put on some crazy Xmas headgear!!! Why do they torture us so??

Although posing with Dad was nice.....

We CAN'T WAIT for presents!!!!
The Puppies

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Award and Parrots

Our Uncle Chad gave us a lovely new stuffie of a parrot this weekend. Isn't it cute?

Opal got a hold of it and she destroyed it in less than 10 minutes......

Poor little guy-- never had a chance!!! Mom took video of it so you could see her destuffing powers!! There are two videos and one is a little long because mom never gets tired of watching that sort of thing! We said that mom should have waited to submit this picture to, because this was way more destruction than that flea from the other day!!!

On a totally difference note, we got awards from our new friend Sofie we wanted to put up!!! Aren't they pretty??

We know these awards have been around the block, but we haven't had them before, so we want to pass them along to our friend Khyra!!! Thanks so much Sofie!!
Anyway, our friend Belle (cousin/sister) visited last night and we have pics to post but Mom has to upload them onto the computer for us, so we will post later!!! Have a great Wednesday everypup!!!
The Puppies

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm famous!!!

Woo hoo!!! I am totally going to have to rub it in to Maggie and Marshall that I am now on two websites!!! :)