Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Night Party!!!!

Saturday night, our sister/cousin Belle came over and we celebrated her birthday!!! Seeing as she is now 8 years old, we didn't go to crazy!!! But we did have some great couch time!!!
And Maggie and I got caught snuggling....
Happy belated birthday Belle!!!!
The Puppies

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Belle!!!!

We just wanted to wish a happy 8th birthday to Belle, our sister/ cousin (we do live in Alabama!!!). She turned 8 yesterday, and we didn't get to go to her party. Mom and Dad made us stay home but she did have some stuffies to keep her company. Hopefully we will get to celebrate with her this weekend!!!!


The Puppies

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally!!! We got a NEW camera and computer!!!!

So, Mom may be rehired..... we'll have to wait and see how she does while she is on her probationary period. So you can rate her if you like during these posts! :) We are just going to share a bunch of photos Mom took while experimenting with her new camera. They are just us, looking cute and being sweet. Marshall is not pictured because he hates the new camera as much as he hates the old camera, but Mom says she is working on getting a new one of him.
This is me posing. Aren't I cute?
Action shots!!!
Playing with toys!
Caught mid-burrow under the blanket!
We hope you enjoyed the update!!! We'll try to post more soon!! If not, we are going to fire our Mom again and find someone else!!!
The Puppies

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We are thinking of firing Mom as our official blogger

It has been FOREVER since we have posted. And... she doesn't have any new pictures for us to put up either! We are just dropping in to let everyone know that our home computer where all the pictures are is broken. :( so until it is fixed our mom has been really lazy and not taken any pictures..... so we are thinking of firing her! We just need to learn how to work this camera thing she uses and then we will be good to go again! (and get the computer fixed of course!)

Anyway, we have been remiss in not welcoming a new blogger to the DWB ranks... well, they haven't joined dogs with blogs yet, but they are two cute dogs who blog! So go check them out here! they need more visitors, because they are really cute! And they are in Birmingham, AL too, and we need more Bham dog bloggers like Harry Pugalicious and us (when our computer and mom aren't broken!)

So, we will have a fun new post with pics soon (we promise) but check out Sassy and Eloise! We have even met Sassy in person and play with her at doggie daycare sometimes!

The Puppies

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Hey Puppies and People!!!
We know it has been FOREVER since we posted! WE finally had a sunny Saturday today and have been outside enjoying it! Mom and Dad brought us a gift from our grandpaw Jim, which was a joystick... it's a jerky treat that is like 3 feet long! We shared it outside on the deck this morning while Mom took out the flashy thing and took pictures. Of course, Marsh Man didn't like the camera and thought about going inside!
Opal thought the joystick was the best thing EVER!!!!
Maggie also enjoyed hers!!!

Joy sticks are awesome!! We hope we get more, but Mom and Dad said it makes us a little too gassy afterwards so it may be awhile before we get another one! We hope they forget soon!
The Puppies

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Under the Weather

Mom and Dad are not big fans of pollen and i haven't really understood why until this year! Apparently, i have allergies and it makes me all snotty nosed!!!! So Mom and Dad chase me around the house with paper towels and kleenex trying to get me to blow my nose. WTH, Mom and Dad! Dogs don't blow their noses!!!!
These are pictures of me feeling under the weather. Last night when they came home all i did was sleep and snot. It sucks. And i had to go to the vet to get everything checked out earlier this week. :(
So hopefully the pills they game me at the VET will kick in soon because i am tired of feeling tired and having a snotty nose! I don't get as many kisses with snot running down my face (I don't know why....)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Blogaversary to Us!!!!!

Today we went to daycare, got baths, and then hung out with Mom and Dad in the mancave to celebrate our blogaversary! We were having so much fun that we almost forgot to actually blog!!! Whoops!!! So just before midnight, when it will no longer be our 1 year anniversary of blogging, we said... Mom take pictures so we can post!!!!
But 11:15 is kind of late for us so we are all trying to stay up and it isn't easy!
Did I mention we got new toys? We now have a monkey and a dragonfly-rope thingy to add to our collection! And we were so excited about our blogaversary that we didn't destroy them the first night we got them!!!!
But that could also be because we were really sleepy from daycare!!!
I mean... REALLY sleepy!!! Marshman was so sleepy that he let Mom take his picture. . . .
But how cute is Maggie in this picture??? Nothing like a sleepy BT!
Well, we are up super late for us, so we are going to actually go into our beds to sleep but hope everyone had a great Friday!
The Puppies

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Softball Games!!!!

Dad's softball league started up again and so that means we get to go to games and watch and take in new sights!!!!
I just didn't understand why I wasn't allowed on the field. I could have caught those balls all night long!!!!!
And just so I haven't taken over the blog completely, I am attaching a video of Marshall and me running around in the grandparent's backyard!! We love going over there on Sundays and running around!!!! It's our favorite day of the week!

oh, one more thing... April 17th is a one year blogaversary!!!! So we will have to come up with something exciting to post about!!! Take note now Mom-- we don't want to miss it!!!!
The Puppies

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snuggle time is the best!

Have we mentioned in our blog how much we love our Dad? He loves to sleep late and snuggle in the mornings and so do we!!!!
The Puppies

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Boy have we been busy!!! We've been sooo busy that we have been really lazy about our blog posting! For that we are ashamed! But here are some videos and pictures of what we have been doing.
In early March, we had snow!!! So we got to run around and play in it. . . well, some of us did anyway! Maggie was NOT a big fan!! Anyway, we are going to be better about posting, but for now, here are some pretty snow pictures and two videos taken only 7 days apart!!!

Keep in mind we live in Alabama so it will probably be another 5 years before we see snow again!

The Puppies

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Post by Maggie: I want to start a club!

Hey Tanner and Chef!!!
About two weeks ago, I developed this:
The vet said it is a hema........ cyst, just like you guys had!!!! Please excuse the camera because for some reason, it does not want to take a close up picture of my cyst. So, can we start up a club? What do you think?
I am not too into having my picture taken while i have this cyst thingy on my shoulder. Hopefully, it will go away in the next two weeks..... otherwise i am going to have to have some lab work done to make sure it is benign!!!!
Chef and Tanner..... i think we need t-shirts! And more pups who get these cyst-thingys to join our club!
UPDATE: I should have added that I have had these before. . . .it isn't my first cyst! I have had one removed when I was having knee surgery anyway, and my others have gone away on their own. The vet said it is actually quite common in dogs like me who have allergies, so that's one more thing Mom and Dad can be thankful about!!!! :)
I still think a club needs to be started though!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday Wanderings

On Sunday we went to our granparent's house and played in their backyard. They have an awesome backyard to run around in as you can see from these videos!!!!!

And as an extra treat, here is a video of us watching for Dad in the window!! Our number one job is guarding the house, but our second job is greeter, so here is an example of us doing our greeting duties:

We sure do get excited when our Dad comes home!!!
The Puppies

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Puppy-sitting and Couch hanging

We didn't mention this but about a week and a half ago, our pawrents totally ditched us to go to somebody's wedding.... what's up with that??? Anyway, our Uncle Chad puppy-sat us so it was totally fun and there was no vet involved so we weren't as mad at mom and dad as we usually are when they leave us! And Uncle Chad took pictures for us to put on our blog, but Mom's job is transferring the pictures from the camera to the computer and this time is took her A LONG TIME...... so we are just posting them now!

Anyway, here are the wonderful shots.... we hung out on the couch a lot while they were away: Did we mention Belle stayed with us too?
Did you notice we have three separate blankets for three separate dogs on the couch? It was way cool..... mom and dad never let us have that many blankets! They always steal one for themselves!

See how wild and crazy we are when the pawrents are away! :)

There are three dogs in the picture above, just in case you can't tell. One is a very stealthy blanket-hider-under!

And it might be this crazy faced pup right here! Maggie is so mean when she first wakes up! And she doesn't like being disturbed when she is napping, as you can see above!

Just to update a little more, these are some old pictures from when we visited Uncle Chad at his place (since he stayed with us while puppy-sitting!)

That chicken that Belle is hugging is the coolest chicken ever! Or i should say it was, because we are pretty sure it died during the puppy-sitting experience..... for some reason, Belle doesn't destroy every stuffie she touches! We are working on her stuffie-destroying skills every chance we get so that will probably change eventually.

And hey, it is the Marsh Man! I bet most of you who don't get to see us in the puppy flesh forgot he existed! He hates hates hates the camera, so we consider ourselves very lucky that Uncle Chad got this picture at his house. He doesn't look quite so freaked out as he normally does with a camera around!

And last, we had to include a picture of Mom getting one of the best things around: a kiss from Belle!!!!!! Hope everybody enjoyed the pics! We took some more this weekend at our grandpawrents house, so hopefully we will get those up soon!!!! (that means you Mom!)
The Puppies

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This is my favorite toy in our house!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A post dedicated to the new couch blanket

We're so ashamed that we have only posted one time in January... this is us looking ashamed.... And maybe also looking a little tired.

We would like to dedicate this post however to our most cherished Christmas present.... the new couch blanket!!!! And this picture right here is the perfect example of why:

Look closely in this picture.........or just look at the next one:
It is PERFECT for taking naps and being undetected (well, almost undetected anyway!!!!)

Also, it is sooooo much larger than the old blanket so we can all fit under there.... and our house guests can too!!!!

See how comfy our sister/ cousin Belle was sleeping under the blanket? She definitely didn't want to get up!

See how comfy Maggie was? Her eye got all googly because she had been sleeping so hard!!!!
Why is this camera always in our faces??? :)
Anyway, we are sorry we haven't been posting lately, but as you can see we have been trying to break in the new couch blanket, and that takes time and lots and lots and lots and lots of naps!
We are sorry this post once again doesn't have the Marsh Man in it..... every time our resident puparazzo picks up the camera he runs out of the room and hides. Anybody got any suggestions on how to make him less afraid of it?
Anyway, we are going to be much better about coming around all our doggies bloggies too, since we have napped enough to make us pretty lively for February at least!!!!
The Puppies

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Football Watching and Lounging Around the House...

Since the start of 2009, we have done a LOT of football watching with lots of relatives!!! It has been pawsome!! See, Opal learned how to signal touchdown!!!!
Plus she got to sport a beautiful Alabama cap (too bad it didn't help Alabama last night!)
But doesn't she look cute in a hat??
Then we watched a bit too much of football because we had to recuperate with a nap time mid-game!!!
Some of us slept harder than others.... hee hee!!!
But all of us slept for a little bit!!!
Uncle Chad and Grandaddy Jeff and Great Grandaddy Larry came over to watch with us!!!

Oh yeah! And Belle hung out with us all night!!! Remember that is Maggie's sister- our cousin! Here she is showing off her cute little underbite!!!
Hope everybody else had a good last few days and enjoyed the football if they were watching it, that is.....
The Puppies