Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Alabama!!!

Yesterday we watched the game at our house, and we had some visitors!!!! Our Grandpa Jeff came over and Maggie's sister Belle (Maggie's cousin too- we are from Alabama you know!! :)) and our Uncle Chad. It was awesome!!!
And I had this awesome shirt to wear to cheer on our team!!!
It was a LOOOONG game!!!!
I had to rest a lot during because it was so long!!!!
Hope all the other football fans enjoyed their Saturdays!!
The Puppies

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We watched the Presidential Debate last night.....

Last night we watched the presidential debate with Mom and Dad.......can you tell we thought it was so interesting???
A closer look at our excitement . . .

See, that first picture was of me AND Maggie, but she wasn't even pretending to watch.....

Did other American pups watch the presidential debate last night? :) And if you did, were you as enthralled as we were??


The Puppies

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh.My.Dog.We have the BEST day yesterday!!!!!

Saturday was awesome!!! We went to Uncle Chad's house and picked him up and then went over to Granpaw Jim and Grandma Jeanne's house to watch the Alabama game!!! (Mom and Dad are HUGE Bama fans!!!) Opal has a favorite ball at their house (it is called a babble ball but it is broken) (Opal note: just because it is broken does not make that ball any less AWESOME!!) so we made her take a picture with Uncle Chad and her ball!!!

Doesn't Maggie look happy at being picked up??
Marshman even agreed to pose for a picture with Grandma!!
See Mom's game day shirt??!!! If Opal had been wearing one, that picture would have been perfect!!!!
After the game, we were SO HAPPY that BAMA WON!!! Grandma Jeanne took us down below so we could run around!! Mom got video of all us coming up the stairs.... please excuse the one where she was moving around a lot (those who get motion sick might not want to watch!!!) :)

whew!! We had so much fun running around after the game!! We had to take looong nappies after that!!!


The Puppies

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The pupparazzi are EVERYWHERE!!!

I woke up early this morning, and the pupparazzi were already at our house and flashing their cameras!! They caught me in various morning poses before i was really even ready!!!

But i woke up enough to play in this video!!! It is kind of fun being up when none of the other puppies are!!!

Opal and the other sleeping puppies!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

We are a little late in this post.....

Dad made it home yesterday afternoon and we were SUPER excited to see him!!!!!!
But we were a little lazy on Sunday and didn't want to pick up the fact, we pretty much did this ALL afternoon:
It was great!! We are in daycare this week, so usually we are pretty tired when we come home, but we will try and muster the strength to post again this week (and of course steal the computer from Mom or Dad)! Hope everyone had great weekends... we had lots of Mom time, but we still prefer it when the whole family is together!!!
The Puppies

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We keep looking and hoping......

But Mom keeps telling us that Dad isn't coming home today..... :(
Mom did promise she would take us to do something fun today so maybe we will have a follow up post with us looking happy also!!
The Puppies

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We know, we have been slacking!!!

We have been pretty slack about posting lately... we have been to daycare this past week so we have been soooo exhausted when we get home that we haven't posted!!! But this is what we have been doing: hanging in the grass and laying around....
Begging for food......
Playing with my snake toy, which I LOVE!!!!!!
See I like to carry it around places and try and entice Maggie and Marshall to play with me!
I don't really like to share though......
Besides resting, begging, chewing on toys and daycare, we have been running around and burning some of our energy!!!

The Puppies