Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Opal here. I forgot to mention... tomorrow is my birthday!! I turn 1 years old. Mom is getting all nostalgic (not that i know what that means!!!!) so she wanted to put some old puppy pics of me up.... she hasn't told me how we are celebrating yet!!!

This is me getting my first taste of the computer... i was only 2 months old... i wasn't blogging then but i was watching Mom.. so here is where it all began! :)
This is me playing with Grandma Jeanne's kitty....we used to be the same size!! Look how tiny I was.
First week with Mom and Dad. Even then I was trying to take on Maggie.
Hooray for nap time!!
Napping on Dad is way more fun than napping by yourself!!
See how much bigger than me Maggie used to be!!
ok. I will post tomorrow about what we are doing for my birthday!!!
xoxoxox, Opal

Waiting for Dad to come home

Before Dad gets home (if we get home from daycare before him), we like to sit at the window and wait for the car to pull up! When he gets out of the car, we get really excited and mess up the blinds!!


The Puppies


Mom busted me sleeping at the computer last night! I wanted to blog earlier but Mom and Dad went out last night so I had to wait until they would let me at the computer. When they finally did, i tried to blog but i was so tired!!! Don't you think it was mean of her to take my picture sleeping???
xoxoxo, Opal

Cute begging faces.....

Works every time!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot summer days.....

I get overheated in this weather... so mom and dad have to hose me off a couple times a weekend!! I'm getting used to it. i sure am cute though right??
Love, Opal

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm in trouble......(or was, rather)

I may or may not have peed on the couch yesterday. ... Mom took pictures for evidence......(mean Mom!!). So i had to spend a little time in the kennel to think about what I did....
But... I look so pathetic that Mom and Dad couldn't keep me in there very they let me out!! They even gave me Frosty Paws as a treat!!! This last pic is me laying on Dad after eating my Frosty Paw enjoying my food coma!!!
XOXOXO, Maggie

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Allergy Testing

Yesterday I had to go to the vet to get tested for allergies! It was not fun.
They shaved a piece of my fur off and poked me 81 times!!! and they took some of my blood to be sent away for even more testing!! I told Mom I didn't sign on for that!!

Anyway, she took some pics because she thought it looked like they gave me a tattoo!

You can see it much better in this picture!!
Anyway, now i have lots of medication i have to take... and they said i was going to have to take baths once a week with two different shampoos!!! This sucks! I am not happy about it. Not at all! I wonder how long my tattoo will last though.... i didn't think i was the kind of girl who was into tattoos, but it's kind of cute right?


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some cute puppy pics

Mom made Grampa Jim a calendar for Father's day and she took some really cute pics of us..... so she is making me post them to the blog, so here they are!!!

Our new bear toy!!

This may just look like a picture of us sleeping, but it isn't...... we got a new bear toy!! We are actually cuddling with our new bear toy!! In this next pic, you can see it under my chin, see??
Then i got my alone time with the bear and gave it some good hugs!!!
And we took a nap together for a little while......
Then i was feeling sweet and let Maggie cuddle next to it too!! Silly Dad woke her up with the flash when he took the picture!!

I hope this bear toy lasts for a while-- although i did take out one of its eyes this morning!!!

xoxoxo, Opal

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Visit to Uncle Chad's House!!!!

Thursday night, we took a field trip over to Uncle Chad's house!! it was awesome, minus one thing- we kept looking for Maggie's sister and our cousin (we are from Alabama you know...) Belle. She has been on extended stay over at her grandparent's house but Uncle promised us she will be there next time we come... so we played with her toys instead!!!
And we enjoyed some time on the couch with Mom.......

Then Marshall snuck upstairs to get on Uncle's bed... but he tried to leave when Dad discovered him.....

Then we all got up on the bed to pose for a picture!!! Don't we look so good together- the three of us?? We keep telling Marshall that he needs to pose for more pics- he looks so cute here!!!!
We hope we get to go over to Uncle's again soon!!! It was awesome!! His floors are slippery so we got to slide around all over the place!! So much fun!!!!

The Things Mom and Dad do to me when I sleep.....

They play with my jowls!! It is so unfair!! But I know they only do it because they love me!!! They even went in for a closer look!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Uncle Justin Came to Visit!!

Uncle Justin came to visit and I got some alone cuddle time with him.... this was also after a doggie daycare day, so i was a little tired. Mom thought it was so cute that she went in for a closer look....

She says she doesn't know how i sleep like that.... she would get a crick in her neck....whatever that means!!! Justin sure was comfortable. I don't know how i got to be the lucky dog to take a nap with him.... marshall and maggie sure are slacking!!!

I even had time to change positions!!! I like it when Uncle Justin comes to visit!!
xoxo, Opal

Since there is doggie daycare this week......

We have been some sleepy puppies!!!! (marshall not pictured because he hates cameras, but rest assured, he has been as sleepy a puppy as we have. mom tried to get his picture but the actual turning on of the camera made him wake up and leave the room- she told me she is going to have to be crafty to get his picture because he isn't on the blog as much... i don't know why he is so shy-- we love the camera because we are so photogenic!!! :P )

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Puppies at Play!!!!

More Saturday Laziness......

Daddy and I took a nap on the couch in the afternoon. We were so comfortable and Mom thought we were so cute that she took a picture! the flash woke me up but not Dad!! :)

Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning, we went to the local Farmer's Market!! it was awesome!! there are lots of other dogs walking around and a bunch of little kids who want to run up and pet us, so it is lots of fun. The only thing is- it wears us out afterwards, and we have to take some long naps.... or at least we try to until Mom and Dad decide we look cute sleeping and take pictures of us!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Visit with Uncle!!!!

Uncle Chad came to visit- he gives really good hindquarter rubs!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

One other thing we did this weekend......

I played in the clean laundry!!!
It was awesome!!! and warm and good-smelling!!

Belle, a.k.a. Bill

We have a sister whose name is Belle. She likes to hang out in the kennel with Maggie sometimes! Her alter ego is Bill, because her dad (our uncle- her we do live in Alabama!!) says she has a masculine side. We wanted to post her picture and to let everyone know that she has a blog, which you can find at this url:

so go check out her cute self!!!

But where was Marshall??

There were thunderstorms this weekend, so he was busy panting and drooling!! Poor big guy!!!