Saturday, August 30, 2008

More videos of us running around!!

We know it has been AGES since we have posted!!! Our Mom was home sick with us a lot this week too, but she looked so miserable that we didn't want to give her a hard time about not lending us the computer!! Besides, we had a job to do (make her feel better), but we are back and have told her we are going to get her up early every time she doesn't let us blog!!! :)
We have some OLD (like two Sundays ago!!!!!) video of us running around and grampaw jim and grammaw jeanne's house that we thought would be fun to put up!! And we are going to make mom and dad take us to do something fun this weekend so we can put up some new video!! Anyway, here is us in the backyard (Maggie not pictured... she was inside stealing treats).

Did you see how high Opal jumps off that wall?? :) here is more of us coming up after running around:


The Puppies

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Maggie is an Olympian!!!

Maggie won this medal yesterday for her mess making abilities!!!!
This is the winning picture!!! Isn't she cute?? Totally caught in the act! :) Hee Hee.
We were very excited for her, considering Mom only entered us puppies in two events!! She says she dropped the ball on uploading and emailing the other events but that we would have won lots had she been better about it!!!

Speaking of needing to be better about it, Opal received a wonderful award from our friend Gucci earlier this week that she have been lazy about posting (mainly because our mean ole parents haven't let us near the computer this week!!!)
Anyway, it's a credit card so it has rules that she needs to follow to the letter, so she is going to try! However, Opal isn't always very good about following the rules!!!

1. Only five people allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.

3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

Ok! I am going to pass this credit card onto: Charlie (as he is from another part of the world), Bella because she probably needs to go shopping now that she is home from boxer camp!, Mack (because Paris and Lilly probably do all the shopping at his house), Petra, and Aggie!

I think this card may have made its rounds already, so no need to repost if you guys have already got it! But if i get to spend some money, why shouldn't my friends too, right?? Thanks Gucci!! This will be my way to get back at mom and dad for not letting us use the computer this week!!!


The Puppies

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday Dinner!!!!

Mom and Dad took us to Grampaw Jim and Grammaw Jeanne's house for Sunday dinner... they have the BEST yard!!!! Here is a video of me and The Marshman running around with Grandma Jeanne in the back. Ignore the other talking in the background.... unless of course it is talking about us!!!! Sorry the video is kind of long and a little shaky, i blame the camera woman --I'm talking to you Mom since you haven't learned how to properly work the camera by now!!!! :)


The Puppies

p.s. Opal here. I got an award from Gucci that i am really excited about posting onto the site, but unfortunately mom is fussing at me because it is really late and she needs to go to work in the morning and she doesn't like to sleep without me in the bed, so i will try to put it up tomorrow!!!! But i am really excited about it!!!! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Update on the past week...

We didn't post very much this week, so we wanted to share what we did......
We finally destroyed the egg baby stuffy (it really didn't take long) and we have stashed some of the squeakers around the house!! Notice it now only has one eye!!!
We also destroyed a few other toys.......

And then we wanted to show off what our Aunt Rene did... she is SUCH an amazing artist!! Mom had her barkday last Saturday and our Aunt made her a leash holder to put on the wall, complete with US on it!!! Doesn't it look amazing??!! And it has our favorite toys in the background!!! Mom said it was the most awesome gift!!!
Also, Mom was very stressed at work so we showed her she could relax because we could take care of protecting the house!

Hope everyone else had a great week too!! Happy Sunday!!!


The Puppies

p.s. over at the Pawlympics website, Maggie and I are up for a vote so head over there and vote for us!!! We are up for Dog's choice award and we need some votes!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some Glamour Shots......

I don't know why Mom always has a camera in my face! She says it is because i am just so pretty!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Name Game!!!

I got tagged by my sweet friend Chef (or should I say Rocko?) to play this game, so I am going to try to a good job of answering everything!

What is your name?
Opal is what everybody calls me. My papers say: Weavers Opal Pearl. My mom and Dad call me Opal Kerfluffle, which is my favorite nickname!! But i have lots of other nick names: Opie, Kerfluff, Miss Kerfluffle (i really like that one too!), Munchkin (started when I was the smallest of our bunch), and uncle sometimes calls me K-Fluff!

If you could change your name, what would it be? well, i love my name, but i wish mom and dad had started calling me Miss Kerfluffle earlier, so my official name could be Weavers Opal Kerfluffle!!! But Opal Pearl will do! :)

What is your pet's name? I don't have any pets.... unless you count Mom and Dad!!! I would say my stuffies, but i really don't keep any long enough to be pets! ;)

If you could change your pet's name, what would it be? I kind of like Mom and Dad so I will keep calling them that!

What are your brother's and/or sister's names? I don't have any biological sisters, only 3 brothers, but I didn't keep up with them after Mom and Dad took me home. My actual brother is Marshall, my sister is Maggie, and Maggie's sister is Belle, so i don't know what that makes her to me, but it's gotta be something, right?

If you could change their names, what would they be?
I wouldn't change their names, because maggie would probably beat me up if i tried. j/k Maggie (kind of!)

I'm tagging:

Toby of Desert Pups (because i think he needs something to do besides lick those River Toads!!), Moxie Dog from the Corgi Lounge, Tanner from Joe Stains blog (don't be mad Joe, I just thought since today is Monday he could respond tomorrow!!), and Petra because her name is cool!

That was really fun! Thanks Chef!



Sunday, August 3, 2008

What we have done this past week......

We haven't blogged very much this week, because we have had some bad storms!!! So we haven't been trying to get on the computer because we didn't want to risk getting shocked with all that lightning!!!
Even a tree came down in our neighbor's yard!!! (sorry this pic is sideways)
So we have been sitting around the house recuperating this weekend....
One more thing though.... July 31 was my adoption day (Opal) so Mom and Dad got me the coolest toy ever!!!! IT has multiple squeakers you can take in and out!!! How long do you think it is going to last with me, the best desqueakers in the world working on it?? :)
If you look in the background of this pic, i have already removed one squeaker... if you look closely at the floor where the green stuff is, that is that squeaker's innards!!!! Best. Toy. Ever.
Here is a video of me playing with it!! This is much better than my last adoption day when mom and dad brought me home and gave me a bath to get all the fleas off of me!!!!