Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Post by Maggie: I want to start a club!

Hey Tanner and Chef!!!
About two weeks ago, I developed this:
The vet said it is a hema........ cyst, just like you guys had!!!! Please excuse the camera because for some reason, it does not want to take a close up picture of my cyst. So, can we start up a club? What do you think?
I am not too into having my picture taken while i have this cyst thingy on my shoulder. Hopefully, it will go away in the next two weeks..... otherwise i am going to have to have some lab work done to make sure it is benign!!!!
Chef and Tanner..... i think we need t-shirts! And more pups who get these cyst-thingys to join our club!
UPDATE: I should have added that I have had these before. . . .it isn't my first cyst! I have had one removed when I was having knee surgery anyway, and my others have gone away on their own. The vet said it is actually quite common in dogs like me who have allergies, so that's one more thing Mom and Dad can be thankful about!!!! :)
I still think a club needs to be started though!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday Wanderings

On Sunday we went to our granparent's house and played in their backyard. They have an awesome backyard to run around in as you can see from these videos!!!!!

And as an extra treat, here is a video of us watching for Dad in the window!! Our number one job is guarding the house, but our second job is greeter, so here is an example of us doing our greeting duties:

We sure do get excited when our Dad comes home!!!
The Puppies

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Puppy-sitting and Couch hanging

We didn't mention this but about a week and a half ago, our pawrents totally ditched us to go to somebody's wedding.... what's up with that??? Anyway, our Uncle Chad puppy-sat us so it was totally fun and there was no vet involved so we weren't as mad at mom and dad as we usually are when they leave us! And Uncle Chad took pictures for us to put on our blog, but Mom's job is transferring the pictures from the camera to the computer and this time is took her A LONG TIME...... so we are just posting them now!

Anyway, here are the wonderful shots.... we hung out on the couch a lot while they were away: Did we mention Belle stayed with us too?
Did you notice we have three separate blankets for three separate dogs on the couch? It was way cool..... mom and dad never let us have that many blankets! They always steal one for themselves!

See how wild and crazy we are when the pawrents are away! :)

There are three dogs in the picture above, just in case you can't tell. One is a very stealthy blanket-hider-under!

And it might be this crazy faced pup right here! Maggie is so mean when she first wakes up! And she doesn't like being disturbed when she is napping, as you can see above!

Just to update a little more, these are some old pictures from when we visited Uncle Chad at his place (since he stayed with us while puppy-sitting!)

That chicken that Belle is hugging is the coolest chicken ever! Or i should say it was, because we are pretty sure it died during the puppy-sitting experience..... for some reason, Belle doesn't destroy every stuffie she touches! We are working on her stuffie-destroying skills every chance we get so that will probably change eventually.

And hey, it is the Marsh Man! I bet most of you who don't get to see us in the puppy flesh forgot he existed! He hates hates hates the camera, so we consider ourselves very lucky that Uncle Chad got this picture at his house. He doesn't look quite so freaked out as he normally does with a camera around!

And last, we had to include a picture of Mom getting one of the best things around: a kiss from Belle!!!!!! Hope everybody enjoyed the pics! We took some more this weekend at our grandpawrents house, so hopefully we will get those up soon!!!! (that means you Mom!)
The Puppies

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This is my favorite toy in our house!!!!