Thursday, October 23, 2008

What we did last Sunday...

Sunday, we went back over to the grandparent's house and ran around!!! We had a wonderful time as evidence by these videos:

Boy we sure had a LOT of fun!!!


The Puppies

p.s. we have been tagged and given a lovely gift!!! We will be posting on these as soon as Mom and Dad let us near the computer for more than a minute or two!!!! Thanks a bunch Hugo and Harry!!! We are so honored!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

We are so mad at Mom and Dad!!

This weekend, Mom and Dad totally ditched us to go on some kind of a trip! Maggie and Marshall went to Grampa Jim and Granmaw Jeanne's (they did not have a pupparazzo following them around so they are not featured in this post), while i got to go to Uncle Chad's and hang out with my favorite cousin Belle!!! We had some good bonding time!!!

See how pretty she is! She is Maggie's biological sister, just of a different litter!!
While we were moping and missing Mom and Dad, they were partying it up at some guy's birthday bash in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico... what's up with that?
They don't look like they are missing us very much!!!! :(
They have been loving on us a lot though since they got back, so i think maybe we will forgive them.... eventually!!!! But, until then, what should we do to make them pay for what they did?? Please give us suggestions!!
The Puppies

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

Mom didn't bring her camera with her on Saturday or Sunday, so we don't have any video or pictures of us doing anything new this weekend! :(

So instead, we decided to post some early video of Opal in preparation for autobiography week (you can see more at Chef's place.)

Here is a video that we can't transport over from YouTube from when Opal was really small! You can see it here

And here is another video of Opal a little bit bigger:

Hope everyone has/had a great Monday!
The Puppies

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prepping for Saturday Football!!!

So yesterday we watched a lot of football.... and were so pleased that Bama won!!! But the pupparazzi (which are usually everywhere) were not around while we watched the game, so we are going to show you what we did to prepare for a football Saturday.

First we had to rest up with Dad so that we could stay awake for the game!!

Then Maggie had to warm up her voice (she has SUCH a lovely singing voice!!):

And I warmed up my voice too (just i don't sing yet!!) (note from the puparazzi who captured this video- it is a little dark but you can still hear Opal!)

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!!!


The Puppies