Monday, January 26, 2009

A post dedicated to the new couch blanket

We're so ashamed that we have only posted one time in January... this is us looking ashamed.... And maybe also looking a little tired.

We would like to dedicate this post however to our most cherished Christmas present.... the new couch blanket!!!! And this picture right here is the perfect example of why:

Look closely in this picture.........or just look at the next one:
It is PERFECT for taking naps and being undetected (well, almost undetected anyway!!!!)

Also, it is sooooo much larger than the old blanket so we can all fit under there.... and our house guests can too!!!!

See how comfy our sister/ cousin Belle was sleeping under the blanket? She definitely didn't want to get up!

See how comfy Maggie was? Her eye got all googly because she had been sleeping so hard!!!!
Why is this camera always in our faces??? :)
Anyway, we are sorry we haven't been posting lately, but as you can see we have been trying to break in the new couch blanket, and that takes time and lots and lots and lots and lots of naps!
We are sorry this post once again doesn't have the Marsh Man in it..... every time our resident puparazzo picks up the camera he runs out of the room and hides. Anybody got any suggestions on how to make him less afraid of it?
Anyway, we are going to be much better about coming around all our doggies bloggies too, since we have napped enough to make us pretty lively for February at least!!!!
The Puppies

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Football Watching and Lounging Around the House...

Since the start of 2009, we have done a LOT of football watching with lots of relatives!!! It has been pawsome!! See, Opal learned how to signal touchdown!!!!
Plus she got to sport a beautiful Alabama cap (too bad it didn't help Alabama last night!)
But doesn't she look cute in a hat??
Then we watched a bit too much of football because we had to recuperate with a nap time mid-game!!!
Some of us slept harder than others.... hee hee!!!
But all of us slept for a little bit!!!
Uncle Chad and Grandaddy Jeff and Great Grandaddy Larry came over to watch with us!!!

Oh yeah! And Belle hung out with us all night!!! Remember that is Maggie's sister- our cousin! Here she is showing off her cute little underbite!!!
Hope everybody else had a good last few days and enjoyed the football if they were watching it, that is.....
The Puppies

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Belated Xmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Hey every pup!!! We know it has been a while since we posted but we have been busy enjoying the holidays and being very lazy about using the computer!!! But we have had a wonderful holiday!!! First of all, we want to thank every pup for all of those wonderful cards we got!!! Our parents got like 10 cards and we got somewhere around 60!!! We have been holding that over them this whole holiday season!!! Hee Hee.
They did however get us a bunch of kick ass toys to destroy!!! This is all that's left but there were about three times (three whole stockings worth) that many on Xmas morning!!!!!!
And we would like to display a beautiful picture of our sister/cousin Belle who came over on Xmas eve and decided she would be a present under the tree!!! How cute is she??
And this is Marshall and Opal with our grandparents on Christmas eve!!! We love it when they come to visit us!!!!....... although Marshall hates the camera!!!!

Happy New Year everybody!!! We have plans to be curled up on the couch with Dad watching football!!!! It is going to be pawsome!!!!
The Puppies